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Sintered Stone Furniture

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DPhome Sintered Stone Furniture

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Dining Table

Coffee Table

TV Stand Set

Sintered Stone

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    Dining table

    Dining table is the main part of the dining room, which is why DPhome has been committed to exploring better performance, more convenient, and customizable dining tables for everyone.

    Sintered Stone Dining table

    The sintered stone material is the latest material we have explored in recent years. It is characterized by stain resistance, easy cleaning, natural environmental protection, no formaldehyde, and heat resistance. Using this material as our dining table top is beautiful and luxurious and has convenience and worry-free that other materials cannot provide.

    dphome big white table top and black turntable with black gold dining table base and six pineapple chairs

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    In home design, every piece of furniture should have both a sense of design and practicality.


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