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Meja Makan

Meja makan adalah perabot utama di mana-mana rumah.

;Ia adalah tempat di mana keluarga dan rakan-rakan berkumpul untuk berkongsi makanan, perbualan. Memilih meja makan, adalah penting untuk mempertimbangkan saiz ruang anda dan bilangan orang yang biasa anda makan untuk makan.

Bentuk bahagian atas meja makan biasanya dibahagikan kepada segi empat tepat, bulat dan boleh dipanjangkan. Meja bulat bagus untuk ruang yang lebih kecil dan mewujudkan suasana intim, manakala meja segi empat tepat lebih baik untuk kumpulan yang lebih besar dan boleh menjadi lebih formal.

What styles and shapes are available for sinteredstone dining tables?
We offer the following styles and shapes of sintered stone dining tables:
Rectangular tables: Classic rectangular shape, suitable for various occasions and home styles.
Round tables: Elegant and versatile, perfect for creating a cozy dining atmosphere.
What are the main materials used for thetable tops?
Our table tops are primarily made of granite, a durable and aesthetically pleasing material. We offer sintered stone tops in two thickness options: 11mm and 9mm, providing a range of choices to meet different preferences.
How are the tables distinguished by theirbases?
Our tables come with different base designs, allowing for style variations. We offer:
Minimalist-style bases: Clean and sleek designs for a modern and minimalistic look.
Gold-colored bases: Stylish bases with a touch of luxury, adding a glamorous element to your dining area.
Circular bases: Circular-shaped bases for a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.
Can customers request customizations if they are not satisfied with the available styles?
Absolutely! We understand that each customer has unique preferences and requirements. If you are not satisfied with our current styles, we offer customization options to tailor the dining table to your specific needs. Our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.
What about delivery and shipping?
As part of our commitment to excellent service, we provide free delivery to our customers' doorstep across Malaysia. We ensure that your sintered stone dining table arrives safely and conveniently to your home.

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