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Yinzuo S3H Wall-Mounted Smart Toilet DPW857105AG - Hygiene, Comfort, Eco-Friendliness,Durability

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Rated Voltage220V / 50Hz
Rated Power1200W
Size Product : 612 x 396 x 407 mm
Water Supply Pressure0.085MPa - 0.75MPa
Lid Material 
PP Lid
Installation Hole 
180 mm
Pit Distance 305/400 mm
Flush volume5.0L

Enhance Your Home with Smart Toilet Technology

Smart toilets are becoming a key component in improving the quality of life in modern households. They represent a significant improvement over traditional designs by integrating advanced features such as optimized water and power usage, superior hygiene controls, and personalized comfort settings. This article explores how smart toilets can provide a sustainable, efficient, and comfortable bathroom experience for daily life.

Smart Toilets Come with a Range of High-Tech Features

Comfort: Features such as heating, drying, and deodorization enhance user comfort. The adjustable seat temperature allows users to tailor the warmth to their needs, providing a personalized and cozy experience. The seat heating control for the Yinzuo S3H model offers three settings, ranging from room temperature up to 39°C, ensuring consistent comfort.

Hygiene: Self-cleaning and sterilization functions ensure a higher level of cleanliness. Innovative flushing systems provide multiple options for easy and hygienic use.

Eco-Friendliness: Smart toilets are designed to optimize water and electricity usage, making them environmentally friendly and economical. Warm air drying reduces the need for paper towels, contributing to environmental conservation. The water efficiency level is rated at Level 2, indicating effective water use without compromising performance.

Convenience: Soft lighting aids in easy nighttime use.

Durability: The IPX4 waterproof design makes the smart toilet resistant to splashes and spills, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Product Overview: Yinzuo S3H Wall-Mounted Smart Toilet

Product advantages:

  • Seat Heating Control: Three settings: 34°C, 37°C, 39°C
  • Water Temperature Adjustment: Three settings: 34°C, 37°C, 39°C
  • Warm Air Temperature: Three settings: 35°C, 45°C, 55°C
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4
  • Water Efficiency Level: Level 2
  • Heating Method: Instant heating

The Yinzuo S3H Wall-Mounted Smart Toilet showcases advanced bathroom technology with a 5.0-liter flush capacity, optimizing water use for eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency. Its compact design (612 x 396 x 407 mm) suits various layouts, and adjustable pit distance allows flexible installation. Instant heating enhances comfort by quickly warming the seat and water.

The Best Choice

Opt for the Yinzuo S3H Wall-Mounted Smart Toilet to bring intelligence and comfort to your home. This smart toilet excels in hygiene, comfort, and sustainability, providing exceptional performance. Upgrade your bathroom to enjoy the benefits of modern technology and enhance your daily convenience.

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Yinzuo S3H Wall-Mounted Smart Toilet DPW857105AG - Hygiene, Comfort, Eco-Friendliness,Durability

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