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How to Choose the Perfect Extendable Dining Table in Malaysia

How to Choose the Perfect Extendable Dining Table in Malaysia
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Choosing the perfect furniture for your home is a crucial part of creating a personal and comfortable living space. Today, we will focus on one essential piece of furniture, particularly prominent in Malaysian homes: the extendable dining table. In this blog, we help our customers in Malaysia find their preferred and perfect extendable dining table by exploring and examining key factors to consider when purchasing one, such as size, style, mechanism, material, and budget.

What is an Extendable Dining Table?

An extendable dining table is an ingeniously designed piece of furniture, created to adapt to your needs. It allows you to accommodate an increased number of guests, making it an ideal solution for families and individuals who often entertain or live in compact spaces. There are various styles available, including the popular round extendable dining table, which offers a softer, more sociable arrangement.

4 seater extendable sintered stone top dining table

Why Choose an Extendable Dining Table?

For many Malaysian households, the dining table is not just a place for meals; it is a social gathering point, a study space, a work desk, and so much more. Consequently, having a versatile, space-efficient, and stylish dining table is a must. The extendable dining table perfectly fills this need.

One primary benefit of an extendable dining table is its versatility. It can be compact for daily use, conserving space in your home, and easily expanded when you need to accommodate more people. This is especially beneficial in urban areas in Malaysia, where apartments and houses are often compact.

Deciding on the Size

When choosing the right size for your extendable dining table, start by measuring the dining area. Remember to allow at least 90cm between the table edge and any walls or other furniture for comfortable movement.

For everyday use, plan for a dining table that accommodates your household members with a bit of room to spare. A typical extendable dining table in Malaysia seats four to six people when compact, and eight to twelve when extended.

If you often host large gatherings, you might want to consider a round extendable dining table. This style maximizes the number of guests you can seat comfortably. The lack of corners also provides a cozy, intimate setting perfect for social events.

round extended dining table with four chairs

Picking the Material

The material you choose for your extendable dining table significantly impacts both its aesthetics and longevity. Given Malaysia's hot and humid climate, selecting the right material is of paramount importance.

Wooden tables, for instance, are a popular choice in many Malaysian homes. The timeless appeal of teak or mahogany, with their elegant grains and rich colors, adds a touch of class to any dining room. For example, a solid teak extendable table from brands like Scanteak or Cellini can elevate your space instantly, infusing a warm, homey feel. However, it's important to remember that these wooden tables require regular upkeep. You'll need to periodically polish them to maintain their luster and prevent damage from the country's high humidity levels.

On the other hand, glass extendable dining tables, such as those offered by Ikea or Courts, can give your dining space a modern, sophisticated twist. Their sleek surfaces and clear profiles can make your room feel more spacious and clean. But remember, while glass tables add a chic look, they might not withstand heavy usage as well as other materials, and they may not be the best choice if you have young, active children at home.

Metal tables, particularly those with a stainless-steel finish, present another viable option. Brands like Kian or Linds Furniture offer a range of metal extendable tables that can endure Malaysia's challenging weather conditions better than wood or glass, reducing your worry about maintenance. A brushed stainless-steel table with a minimalist design can lend an industrial, modern vibe to your dining area. However, metal tables, while durable and low maintenance, might not impart the same warmth and sense of homeliness that wood or even glass can provide.

In conclusion, when picking the material for your extendable dining table in Malaysia, consider not only the aesthetic and durability but also the maintenance requirements and the overall ambiance you want to create in your dining space.

folded extendable dining table with white top

Choosing the Design

Design, indeed, is a highly personal matter and depends largely on your unique taste and the existing decor of your home. Nevertheless, there are a few popular options that resonate with many Malaysian households, and specific examples could provide you with some inspiration.

One prevalent choice is the round extendable dining table, such as the ones from Ethnicraft or Lorenzo. This design is particularly favourable due to its inclusive nature. A round table, by its very structure, allows for ease of conversation as every person at the table has an equal opportunity to engage with everyone else. There are no head or foot positions, promoting a democratic, convivial atmosphere. An extendable version simply amplifies this by allowing for more guests while preserving the same social dynamic.

For those who are fond of modern, minimalist aesthetics, an extendable dining table with clean lines and a neutral color palette could be an ideal pick. Brands like BoConcept or IKEA offer excellent options in this category. Their designs often feature smooth, straightforward extensions and come in shades like white, black, or grey. A clear glass tabletop with stainless-steel legs, for example, embodies sleek minimalism, creating an understated elegance that easily complements other modern decor pieces.

Conversely, if your decor leans towards traditional or rustic, a wooden extendable dining table may suit your tastes better. Picture a table made of rich, dark teak wood with intricate carvings adorning its legs and edges - such as those available from Royal Selangor or Picket & Rail. The table's extendable portions seamlessly blend into the design, maintaining the traditional aesthetic even when expanded. These pieces, often handcrafted, exude a warmth and grandeur that can transform your dining room into a regal banquet hall.

Remember, the key is to select a design that resonally resonates with you and blends well with your existing decor. After all, your extendable dining table will be a central piece in your home where many memories are made.

a extend from middle extendable dining table with six seater

The Mechanism

Exploring the Mechanism with Detailed Descriptions and Examples

The extendable mechanism of your dining table is indeed an essential factor to take into account. It not only affects the functionality of the table but also the ease of use and even the aesthetic appeal. Here are some common types of mechanisms, with examples, to give you a better idea of what might suit your needs best.

The leaf-style mechanism is a classic and widely used option. It involves adding separate 'leaves' or panels to the middle of the table. These leaves usually store separately from the table. A good example of this design can be found in IKEA's STORNÄS extendable table, where you can manually fit one or two leaves according to your needs. While this style allows for flexibility in size, it may require additional storage space for the leaves when not in use.

The flip-top or folding style, as seen in tables like the Crate & Barrel Span Gateleg Table, involves a tabletop that can be extended by flipping over an additional section. It's a space-saving design as the extended parts fold neatly away when not in use. This design is usually easy to operate, but the extendable sections may be less sturdy than other designs.

The slide or pull-out style mechanism, seen in models like the Ethnicraft Teak Double Extendable Dining Table, involves sections of the table that slide out from under the main tabletop. It is an easy-to-use system that conceals the extra panels neatly when they're not in use, offering a clean look. However, the slide mechanism may wear out over time, requiring careful maintenance.

The rotating style or turntable extendable tables, like the Round Spinning Dining Table from Furniture Village, offer a unique mechanism. These tables often have a central section that can be rotated and unfolded to expand the table. This style can add a touch of novelty and intrigue to your dining room but ensure that the mechanism is robust and smoothly functioning, as it is slightly more complex than the other types.

While each mechanism has its pros and cons, the critical factor to consider is ease of use. Always make sure to test out the mechanism before purchasing. Remember, the perfect extendable dining table is one that combines aesthetics, functionality, and convenience seamlessly.

Considering the Price

Lastly, consider your budget. The price of an extendable dining table in Malaysia can vary widely, depending on the size, material, and design. However, remember that this is an investment piece. Skimping on quality to save a few Ringgits might result in a table that doesn't stand the test of time.


Choosing the perfect extendable dining table in Malaysia requires careful consideration of your space, needs, personal style, and budget. Whether you opt for a round extendable dining table or a different design, the most important thing is that it serves its purpose while enhancing your home. Visit dphome to Get more information about buying an extendable dining table in Malaysia with free shipping. Whether you are looking for round or rectangle tables, suitable for 4 to 8-seater, or you can customize your own style table by telling us your idea.


Is an extendable dining table worth it?

Yes, an extendable dining table can be worth it for several reasons. The primary benefit is its versatility. It allows for easy adjustment based on the number of guests or family members present, making it a good choice for people who entertain often or have large families. It's also a space-efficient solution for smaller homes or apartments where space can be at a premium. Additionally, extendable tables come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, meaning you can find one that matches your decor perfectly.

What are the disadvantages of an extendable dining table?

There are a few potential disadvantages to consider with extendable dining tables. First, they can be more expensive than fixed-size tables because of their complex mechanism. Second, the seams where the table extends might be noticeable, which can be an aesthetic issue for some people. Third, these tables may be less sturdy than their fixed counterparts, depending on the quality of the extension mechanism. Lastly, storing the extra leaves or sections when not in use can also be a challenge in smaller living spaces.

Are extendable tables strong?

The strength of an extendable table can vary greatly depending on the materials used and the quality of construction. High-quality extendable tables should be very sturdy and robust, even when extended to their full size. However, lower-quality tables may wobble or be less stable, especially when fully extended. It's important to check customer reviews and consider the reputation of the manufacturer before buying.

Can you get an extendable round dining table?

Yes, you can find extendable round dining tables. These tables usually have a mechanism where the table splits in the middle and an additional leaf or section is inserted to increase the diameter of the table. Like their rectangular counterparts, extendable round dining tables offer greater flexibility and are a practical solution for both small and large gatherings. They come in a variety of styles and materials to suit various tastes and decor.

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