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Welcome to DPHome Malaysia, where elegance meets comfort in our premium sofa collection. Designed to be the centerpiece of your living space, our sofas are more than just furniture; they are a statement of style and sophistication. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with the Malaysian home in mind, seamlessly integrating with both contemporary urban decor and traditional settings. From sleek, minimalist designs that capture the essence of modern living to plush, cozy pieces that invite relaxation, our collection offers a wide range of options to suit every taste and need. Whether you're looking to create a warm, inviting space for family gatherings or a chic, stylish setting for entertaining guests, our sofas provide the perfect blend of form and function. Discover our exclusive selection today and elevate your living space to new heights of elegance and comfort.

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Modern Simplicity: Perfect Sofa and Coffee Table Combos
1,299.00 MYR
  • DPS0523FA Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0524FA Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0525FA Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0526FA Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0527FA Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0474BB Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0485BB 3 + Left Chaise Combo Sofa
  • DPS0547FC Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0546FC Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0545FC Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0596 Three-Seater Functional Sofa
  • DPS0600 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0599 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0617 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0602 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0614 Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0645 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0644 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0561 Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0655 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0651 1+2+Chaise Combo Sofa
  • DPS0623 Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0642 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0654 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0646 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0658 Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0560 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0647 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0656 Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0650 1+2+Chaise Combo Sofa
  • DPS0634 Three-Seater Functional Sofa
  • DPS0648 Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0557 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0657 Three-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0636 Four-Seater Functional Sofa
  • DPS0635 Three-Seater Functional Sofa
  • DPS0643 Four-Seater Sofa
  • DPS0600 Sofa + DPZE445 Coffee Table
  • DPS0655 Sofa + DPZE461 Coffee Table
  • DPS0599 Sofa + DPZE452 Coffee Table
  • DPS0617 Sofa + DPZE462 Coffee Table
  • DPS0645 Sofa + DPZE439 Coffee Table
  • DPS0644 Sofa + DPZE475 Coffee Table
  • DPZE445 Coffee Table
  • DPZE452 Coffee Table
  • DPZE462 Coffee Table
  • DPZE439 Coffee Table
  • DPZE475 Coffee Table
  • DPZE456 Coffee Table Set
  • DPZE461 Coffee Table
  • DPZE485 Coffee Table
  • DPZE476 Coffee Table
  • DPZE440 Coffee Table
  • DPZE441 Coffee Table
  • DPZE357 Coffee Table
  • DPZE489 Coffee Table
  • DPZE359 Coffee Table
  • DPZE474 Coffee Table Set
  • DPZE431FA Coffee Table
  • DPZE426FA Coffee Table
  • DPZE432FA Coffee Table
Stylish Modern Sofa and Coffee Table Ensemble
1,199.00 MYR
  • DPS0529FC
  • DPS0530FC
  • DPS0531FC
  • DPS0532FC
  • DPS0533FC
  • DPS0534FC
  • DPS0535FC
  • DPS0536FC
  • DPS0537FB
  • DPS0538FC
  • DPS0539FC
  • DPS0554FB
  • DPZE409
  • DPZE430FC
  • DPZE429FC
  • DPZE428FC
  • DPZE436FC
  • DPZE433FC
Sleek Italian Minimalist Sofa and Coffee Table Ensemble
Regular price4,799.00 MYR1,599.00 MYR
  • DPS0567FD Sofa
  • DPS0568FD Sofa
  • DPS0569FD Sofa
  • DPS0570FD Sofa
  • DPS0571FD Sofa
  • DPS0572FD Sofa
  • DPS0573FD Sofa
  • DPS0574FD Sofa
  • DPS0575FD Sofa
  • DPS0528FD Sofa
  • DPS0541FD Sofa
  • DPS0542FD Sofa
  • DPS0576FD Sofa
  • DPZE168 Coffee Table
  • DPZE189 Coffee Table
  • DPZE259 Coffee Table
  • DPZE435FD Coffee Table
  • DPZE437FD Coffee Table
  • DPZE438FD Coffee Table

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